Assistant Governors, Zonal Secretaries and President Elects Training Seminar for R.I D. 3291 “Anuprerona” was held on 8th of April 2018 at Taj Gateway Hotel, Kolkata.

Programme started at 9.30 AM with Host Club Rotary Club of Calcutta Outram’s President Rtn Hirak Nandi welcoming the audience. District Governor Brojo Gopal Kundu delivered his opening address. Next, District Trainer for 2018-19 Past District Governor Uttam Ganguli dwelt on the “purpose of the day”. District Governor Elect Mukul Sinha took to the dias. He showed excerpts from the Theme Video of International Assembly at Sandiago. After this, he spoke about his vision for the Rotary Year 2018-19.
The Key note speaker for the Day PRID Dr Manoj Desai was the next speaker. He was introduced to the audience by DGND Sudip Mukherjee. He spoke on the theme for the next year “Be the Inspiration”. His presentation was very interestingly supplemented by befitting visuals.
The pocket directory was then released. It is a very useful package containing the details of the entire team of RID 3291, Rotary year 2018-19.
The speakers and guests were felicitated next. DGE Mukul Sinha introduced his team of Servers to the gathering. D.S.Admin Rtn Shayak Gupta made some important announcements. Vote of thanks was given by DGN Ajay Agarwal and the first session came to an end.
Next session for the Assistant Governors and Zonal secretaries was held at Poolside Banquet (Top Floor). PDG Debasish Mitra delivered on Roles and responsibilities of Assistant Governors and Zonal Secretaries. PDG Utpal Majumdar spoke on “Foundation Giving – What and Why?”. Next, “My Rotary” and “Rotary Club Central” was elaborated on by PDG Jhulan Basu. PDG Angshuman Bandopadhyay spoke on “Public Image of Rotary”, PDG Rajani Mukherjee spoke on CLP and Strategic Plan and DGE Mukul Sinha spoke on Membership in Rotary.
Next PRID Dr Manoj Desai spoke on How to become a successful Assistant Governor and Zonal Secretary. D.S. Project Rakesh Macwan discussed on the projects that are being planned for the coming Rotary Year. DG Brojo Gopal Kundu spoke on the current scenario and “The Future“was envisaged by DGN Ajay Agarwal.
Simultanously, as the AGTS was going on in the top floor, the Presidents Elect were also being trained by the following speakers: PDG Rajani Mukherjee on “Roles and Responsibilities of a President”,Membership by DGN Mukul Sinha, How to become a successful President by PRID Manoj Desai, Foundation giving – What and Why by PDG Utpal Majumdar, Public Image of Rotary by PDG Angshuman Bandopadhyay, Club Leadership Plan by PDG Shyamashree Sen,My Rotary and Rotary Club Central by PDG Jhulan Basu.
The sessions broke for lunch after this.
The post lunch sessions were held at the Main Banquet Hall where The Assistant Governors, Zonal Secretaries and Presidents all gathered together once again.
PDG Debasish Mitra elaborated on “Working Together”. DRFC Jayanta Chatterjee and RISAO officer Ray Jason spoke on “Grants”. Rotary on Wheels ROW was explained by Narendra Rao,
PDG Kamal Seth spoke on the Centennial Celebration of Rotary in our District.
District Training Assembly “Monihaar” was launched. The Days programme was summed up by DGND Sudip Mukherjee.
Programme ended after Graduation certificates were handed over to the Presidents Elect.


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